A legacy in the making

Sun Valley Raisins has a rich history in the farming industry. For over 70 years the Moles family has farmed and delivered the best tasting California raisins, with reliable service and unmatched food safety. Innovations in mechanical harvesting were adopted by the family years ago and these innovations have led to better tasting, richer, and sweeter raisins that can be shipped around the world.

The expansion of the farming operations led to the design and construction of Sun Valley Raisins, Inc. commissioned in 2009. Since then, Sun Valley Raisins, Inc. has established itself as a company founded in our farming principles and dedicated to putting our customers first. Sun Valley Raisins, Inc. processing operation is one the largest vertically integrated grower-processors in its peer group. The demand for services, both domestically and internationally, have created many new opportunities for the company. The addition of new processing equipment and buildings are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and investment by Sun Valley Raisins, Inc.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best tasting raisins, ensuring food safety, and delivering quality and service, while also taking care of our most vital resource, our employees.


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