Sun Valley Raisins, Inc. is a vertically integrated, independent raisin grower in Fresno County servicing industrial food manufacturers and food service companies around the world. We offer most varieties of California raisins with various size, moisture, and coating specifications. Along with being the grower, our state of the art production facility allows us to ensure that our raisins are grown and processed to the highest standards. This is what has led to our growth, and has seen our raisins go from the San Joaquin Valley, to continents throughout the world.

In addition to our process leading to amazing products, it also allows us to control food safety measures so that you can be sure your customers, or family, are getting the safest product possible. Managing food safety is a top priority at Sun Valley Raisins, and we are proud of the certifications we have received for being dedicated to processing safe, quality products for everyone to enjoy. Sun Valley has the capability to service customers with enhanced quality needs utilizing 10 independent, state-of-the-art, electronic sorting systems. Our product is subjected to a comprehensive wash step and additional laser, magnet, x-ray and metal detection. Extensive inspection surveillance is performed by Sun Valley quality staff and the USDA to ensure our customers receive a superior product.


This video takes you on the next step of the journey from the fields to your kitchens, homes, and other destinations. It continues to show the journey of the world’s greatest raisins, Sun Valley Raisins!


This introductory video will demonstrate Sun Valley Raisins’ state of the art processing facility, which allows us to deliver a safe and delicious product every time.